Dream circle

Dream circle

Did you have a dream, but

can't grasp its meaning?

Give your dream a title as if it was a story

  • how did you feel after waking up?
  • do you know any characters, scenes or situations from your waking reality?

what would you like to know?

These are the questions you get asked at any dream circle that uses Lightning dreamwork developed by Robert Moss, the author of Active dreaming method

During the 2 hours of the circle 2 – 3 people have a chance to share their dream and receive feedback from the others.

If you feel your dream carries a lots of messages, is rather complicated to fathom and the lightning dreamwork was quite not enough, we can all as a group return to your dream with a shamanic drum a see:

  • where the story leads
  • talk to the characters
  • find the hidden door and open it
  • walk through the mirror like a through a portal
  • and find, what we need to see
And of course, we always take our allies, our spiritual guides and power animals with us. You never know, what is lurking in the darkness and they always have more capabilities in the other realms then we do.

we can always learn from our allies

Dreaming is fundamentally not about what happens during sleep. It is about waking up to a larger and deeper reality of the multiverse

Following dream circle terms

12th April

26th April

and then every other Wednesday!

biggins at 7 pm ends at 9 pm CET
online via Zoom

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